I set out below some guidance from Trevor, who is experienced in Boat Delivery:



Boat Delivery by Trevor Jefferson, Chief Instructor for Northumbria Sailing

Normally the pros outweigh the cons when it comes to delivering boats, Personally I try to ensure that the pros always prevail by crewing the boat with friends all of whom are experienced sailors, each with their particular set of skills. Some good with engines and fixing things, others prefer the challenges of navigation and passage planning, but probably the most valued are those who can cook whilst at 30 degrees. The final ‘pro’ being you get to sail lots of different and interesting boats.

On the other hand there are common themes found on the ‘cons’ side. Normally you inherit other people’s problems, ones the new owner has just purchased from the previous.

Many of my deliveries have been ‘new purchases’. I always prefer to deliver boats with the owner onboard, especially if they are not particularly experienced sailors. Being onboard your own boat with more experienced people will undoubtedly raise your game, especially in terms of boat handling/sail trim and generally experience living onboard for an extended period of time. You also get off at the other end knowing lots more about your boat.

By sea or road? For reasons mentioned above, going by sea can be very rewarding, a safe adventure, worthy of lots of tale telling.

How much will it cost? Some people require an overall cost for the delivery. Others prefer a day rate. I try to give a fixed fee for the delivery, normally a very reasonable rate because I enjoy being amongst friends and the opportunity to sail lots of different yachts. On top of the fee I would expect the owner to pay expenses. (normally food, travel costs to get home, fuel and marina fees)

I think chart datum in all the deliveries I have undertaken is that the crew treat the boat as if it were their own and the boat will normally arrive at its destination more ‘sorted’ than when it set off. As it should be! After all we are delivering someone’s ‘baby’.

How much might it cost?

I can set out some guidance here to the question of Truck or Sail?

If you are thinking of moving the boat within the UK between October and March the answer should be ‘Truck’.

If the boat is not in a known fit condition for the trip by sea then ‘Truck’.

Up to two days will be allowed for checking the boat over prior to departure

Our charges could be from £200 per day at sea and half that for pre-checking plus the expenses. Ask for a quotation.

‘Trevor took the time and patience to pass on as much as he could in just a few days.’  – Wayne on a delivery to Hull