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‘Day Skipper’ and ‘Coastal/Yachtmaster™ Offshore’ are popular tickets and can be studied in the warm, comfortable and level (!) room of a recently built Centre in Newcastle upon Tyne (NE6 5HN). Classes are small, maximum size 8, ensuring individual attention. Free street parking adjacent. For a 28 second video look inside Heaton Life Centre

The emphasis is on fun with interactive learning, using some of the equipment you will be faced with when onboard a sailing yacht.

Try this RYA link for a synopsis of Shorebased Courses  Shorebased

Theory in Class or Private Tuition

Royal Yachting Association Theory Courses

Life Centre 1These are usually held at the 2009 built HBC Life Centre, Heaton Road, Newcastle upon Tyne NE6 5HN (54°58’50.05N, 01°34’53.14W) which provides comfortable surroundings, on the level, and makes chartwork a lot easier!

Shore Based Classes take place either Evenings & Saturdays or Weekday daytime, or a private tuition mixture according to the aspiring sailors’ commitments. Some include a visit to see the sailing yacht in Royal Quays.

RYA Day Skipper Theory

Traditionally the popular place to start, leading to attaining RYA Day Skipper Practical, the key to bareboat charter.

Minimum time to be spent is 40 hours and includes a written and course assessment (no examination) before attaining the certificate. Subjects to be covered include; Nautical terms, rope work, charts, navigation, Safety Regulations to include collision avoidance, anchoring, tides, electronic navigation, weather and passage planning.

No previous experience is needed and this is for someone keen to either acquire further knowledge or becoming more committed to the whole experience. Cost £425. Evenings/Saturdays; January 11, 13, 18, 25th February 1st, 8th & 22nd March 1st, 8, 15, 17th & 29th RYA Day Skipper Theory  If there is demand I would consider a daytime Course

Thanks again Melvyn for achieving the impossible 😀 I’m currently awaiting a reply from Roman Abramovich on my offer to Captain his Super Yacht now I (partially) have my new qualification.’ – Kay

TIDES In response to demand I’m offering this Course on tides, not RYA Tides, but real UK tides, especially on our North East Coast. Learn how to calculate tidal heights and streams. Join any of the four at £25 each or £90 for all four. Each session takes place 6 – 9pm at Heaton; Session 1 will be Day Skipper level with tides at standard ports. Session 2 will be advanced with secondary ports, Session 3 Tidal streams. Session 4 will go through examples and homework set from previous sessions. Also to be explored are the less common e.g. tidal coefficients

Coastal/Yachtmaster™ Offshore Theory

Now we are getting more serious. Sailors will want more in depth knowledge in preparation to owning or skippering a boat, or just that they have realised, like so many before them, that there is a lot involved here and risks should be kept to an absolute minimum.

Time to be spent is 40 hours and includes a written and course assessment before attaining the certificate.  Subjects to be covered include those from the Day Skipper syllabus, but much more in depth. Evenings/Saturdays class;  January 10, 17, 24 & 31st February 7, 21, 24 & 28th March 7, 10, 14, 21 & 28th. (LIMITED SPACE AVAILABLE) Cost £425. RYA Coastal Yachtmaster Theory

Sailors should have already acquired knowledge up to Day Skipper standard. Try this video shown a recent collision and asking you to identify the offender. Collision.

‘I would recommend your course to anyone’ – Fiona. 

Are there any Extras?

Navigation equipment is provided but extra are the RYA Pack, which includes the certificate!, and Training Almanac, total cost currently £43.50 Day Skipper & £44.50 Yachtmaster.

Any Gifts from Teacher?

Yes, a visit to his boat (not sailing though)

Yachtmaster™ Ocean Theory

Navigate as it used to be done, by the sun and stars. Get to handle a real sextant and find out how to locate your position out at sea, far, far away from land. A requirement for the prestigious RYA Ocean ticket. Learn also how to provision a boat for a long passage and also about weather conditions you can expect. How to deal with hurricanes, heaven forbid that we shall have an opportunity to put this into practice!

The Course is available as an evening class and also intensive. See what relevance sextant navigating can still have in today’s world of the GPS. Cost £495 plus £27 RYA Pack. Tailored tuition also available. Evenings/Saturday dates; September 27th, October 4, 11, 18th November 1, 15, 16, 22, 25, 29th December 6, 9, 13 & 20th   RYA Yachtmaster Ocean

Mick says; ‘Oral exam went very well and I passed! thanks for your excellent tuition’ & ‘I got my Certificate today  – very pleased , a long but satisfying route from tying my first fender!’ You can see his passage plan on Ocean Qualifying Passage

I can’t do these times and am in a hurry!

Then a Tailored Timetable with one to one tuition could be for you. Costs £625 (£950 a couple) for Day Skipper, £625 for Coastal/Yachtmaster™ and £725 for the Ocean. Available on weekdays when the diary permits – ‘I found the (RYA DS) course tuition excellent, delivered with the benefit of years of practical experience and backed up with many real life examples of why a good understanding of the theory is critical in practical situations.’ – Simon (DS Tailored Timetable)

I can’t make all the class dates?

Whilst I would not wish to encourage missing sessions, it’s a fact of life in todays world and time can be made up through private sessions or, sometimes, within the class timetable

How do I Book?

£100 confirms the reservation with the balance due four weeks before the start of the Course. Cheque made payable to ‘MSF Wallhead’, or cash, to 1 Anscomb Gardens, High Heaton, Newcastle upon Tyne NE7 7BB. Bank details for direct transfer on request.


Any by myself will involve a full refund.

In the case of you withdrawing or failing to pay the balance I will try to adopt a humane attitude and find a replacement.