Royal Yachting Association Online Course

Essential Navigation & Seamanship

Do this at home or anywhere you have access to the web. Ideal for those without the time to spare for a class or private tuition.

This is an introduction to navigation and is done through RYA Interactive, where you can take the Course which is split into modules and work through these at your own speed. You can practise the more complex before having your online test. It is estimated that about 6 to 10 hours of online study are involved. ‘Now that I have completed Day Skipper, I would certainly recommend the online course, which provided a good grounding for me, without this, I would have found Day Skipper extremely challenging’ – Darren

Find out more through RYA Interactive and apply through myself to participate. RYA Interactive 

Cost £95 plus RYA Course package (£28.50, includes instruments) and postage, if any.  RYA video


Online VHF Course with radio simulator This Course can also be done at home. Upon completion of the online course you will obtain a certificate but will still need to pass the Practical and Theory test if you require the SRC. You may already have your lifetime certificate but would like to revise and update your knowledge for your own safety. Now you can do this without having to go through a real time test . Cost £85 to include RYA Manual. Try these links. RYA Online VHF Radio  and RYA Online VHF video

See also section on One Day & Specialist

European Inland Waterways Certificate (CEVNI)

If you wish to go through the European Inland Waterways you have to demonstrate that you understand the rules of the road by completing successfully the CEVNI test (Code Européen des Voies de la Navigation Intérieure).

The RYA ICC CEVNI test is a short, multiple choice, paper which can be completed online, in two parts;

After you have passed your certificate can be printed off, which can be used to apply for an Inland Waterways endorsement to your ICC.

You can also do a practice test online at   RYA Interactive

 Cost £25