Booking a place or Course is not confirmed until monies have been received


Terms of Payment

A deposit of £100 or £150 (for practical)per person is due with the completed booking form for each course. The balance of the fee is due eight (four for theory) weeks before the start of the course. The school reserves the right without further notification to re-let reserved places where the balance of fee has not been paid by the due date. Where the course fee is less than £150 per person then the total fee is due for payment at the time of booking. (private sessions are payable in full once dates have been agreed)


Northumbria Sailing reserves the right to cancel any course or activity. Where this is necessary a proportional refund will be made or an alternative course or activity offered. No additional liability for compensation or expenses will be accepted by the School. Reserved places that are cancelled in writing by a student more than eight weeks prior to the starting date will result in the deposit being forfeit. Cancellations by students within eight weeks of the starting date will result in the full fee being forfeit but in either case it may be possible to claim under your personal or holiday insurance. In the event that any activity or course has to be commenced or terminated at any other place or time than that indicated in the programme or joining instructions it will be the students responsibility to arrange and pay for any accommodation or travel costs involved.


Northumbria Sailing, its servants, agents, instructors, sailing masters do not accept any responsibility for any loss damage or injury suffered by any persons and/or their property arising out of or during the course of their activities whilst training, instructing or otherwise unless such loss or damage was caused by or resulted from negligence.


You will have the best chance of reserving your first choice of dates if you e-mail your requirements now! Such reservations need to be confirmed with a completed booking form and deposit within 5 days.

The Skipper

He, or she, will have command of the yacht at all times and will make every endeavour to look after the safety of all onboard. The Skipper will take whatever action deemed necessary in this respect e.g. adverse weather involving a change of port or final destination. A client may be placed ashore if instructions are not followed.

Sea Miles

No guarantee can be made that sea miles will be achieved and clients should consider attaining any of the RYA’s requirements beforehand


These will be signed off by the Instructor in so far as they have been achieved. When a client fails to achieve the course qualification any outstanding competencies can be signed off by another RYA school, which would then be responsible for the issue of any certificate.

These are the official terms & conditions. Nevertheless, I will try to adopt a humane attitude to cancellations and problems, especially where due notice is given.

When weather problems hit us, and this, by the very nature of the business is not unusual, outstanding sections of the Course can be reinstated. Most of my custom is local and the advantages of putting your business within your area become apparent.